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MULTI is a multi-functional product for all kind of applications for electrical and mechanical equipment in industry and workshops. It forms a clear invisible film and is harmless to plastic, rubber and paint. MULTI displaces water, starts wet engines, eliminates short circuits, prevents corrosion and oxidation, dissolves rust and lubricates moving parts. Cleans and stops squeaks, and ensures longlasting operational reliability.
Electrical/Mechanical equipment: Ignition systems, lighting systems, electronic equipment, carburetors, screws, locks, seat rails, pedals, etc.
Workshop/Industry: Electrical or mechanical precision instruments, tools, metalparts, relays and switches, electronic equipment, etc.

Hobby, House, Garden, DIY sector: lawn movers, boat engines, bicycles, electric appliances, sliding doors, hinges, roller blades, etc.
MULTI is non-polluting and contains no hazardous substances.


Multifunctional oil loosens rust, lubricates, stops squeaks, protects and starts wet engines

  • Colour: yellowish, slightly turbid
  • Smell: vanillia
  • Density: 0,80 g/cm³
  • Viscosity (Oil): 30 - 35 mm²/s (40°C)
  • Corrosion protection: up to 500 h (salt-spray-test)
  • Lubricity: up to 790kg (Falex)
  • Container size: 400 ml

EAN-Code: 4260478917118
Made in Germany

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