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SPRAYWASH is a powerful mixture of solvents which reliably removes dirt and grease deposits as well as oxidized layers.The product’s good penetration and flowing properties enable to wash away any soiling without difficulty. SPRAYWASH does not attack any material in common use and evaporates completely after a short time without leaving any residue.
SPRAYWASH is ideal for intensive cleaning of contacts, components and equipment in electrical engineering, especially on switches, electric motors, relays, cabinets, etc. Also to be used to wash off oxide and sulfide layers from contact surfaces previously dissolved by OXYD - OFF.


Powerful Cleaner and Degreaser for Contacts and Electronic Equipment

  • Colour: colourless, clear
  • Smell: alcohol
  • Density: 0,75 g/cm³
  • Evoporation: medium
  • Residue: none
  • Compatibility with plastic: good
  • Container size: 400 ml

EAN-Code: 4260478917033
Made in Germany

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