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DUSTER-FL is microscopically clean, moister-free and developed for applications where extremely pure cleaning is required and where liquid solvents are inappropriate. The powerful jet action instantly removes particles from the most inaccessible areas. DUSTER-FL leaves no residueand is harmless to materials of all kind. DUSTER-FL quickly and safely removes dust, lint and oxide particles from all kinds of equipment. Designed and recommended for powerful non-abrasive cleaning of sensitive electronic equipment and components, data processing equipment, personal computers, optical instruments, photographic materials, microscopy and laboratory equipment.

Pure and powerful dust-remover - flammable -

  • Smell: odourless
  • Dichte: 0,55 g/cm³
  • Pressure: 4,8 bar (+20°C)
  • Flashpoint: flammable
  • Evaporation: complete
  • Container size: 400 ml

EAN-Code: 4260478917323
Made in Germany

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