Release Agent / Dry Lubricant

Release Agent / Dry Lubricant

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Release Agent Dry Lubricant
  • For filament winding, laminating, potting, plastic fabrication, metalworking for machine parts and tools, Hardware like hinges, locks etc.
  • As dry lubricant for cables, threads, cord, ropes, chains and belts
  • Creates superior releases for plastic, elastomer and resins; including acrylics, urethanes, rubber, nylons, epoxies, polycarbonates and polystyrene
  • As a dry lubricant, may be used on metal, glass, ceramics, rubber, elastomer, wood, paper and some plastic
  • An excellent and economical universal PTFE release agent which contains no ozone depleting substances
  • Provides a very uniform coating
  • You can follow up the handled materials with painting, bonding or metalizing etc.
  • Recommended for applications to 260°C
  • Contains no silicones, oils or waxes
  • This mold release agent works longer and is non-flammable
  • An excellent release agent with the added advantage of superior release action in the initial cycles
  • Works well for all applications
  • A very good general purpose dry lubricant for all applications

Item, Content:

  • Spray in aerosol can
  • Content: 336 ml
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